Monday, May 21, 2012

So What Is the Intervestor

So What Is the Intervestor

Have you tried out your hand at flipping real estate?
What I mean is for example to buy a house for a certain amount, remodelled it and then sold it for a much higher cost pocketing a good amount of profit in the process?

Well think of the same concept and apply it to websites or "digital real estate" as people are calling it these days.

So you buy websites that have value for a real cheap price and then sell them on sites like flippa for a good profit.

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Though this is simple in theory, if not done right you'll end up burning your fingers.

Most folk dont know how to buy valuable sites cheap, nor are they great at webdesign.

This is where the intervestor course comes in. These guys will teach you how to find those hidden gems and "refurbish" them so you can sell them at a higher markup